Tips from QGCon 2013: how to make your own conference

The 2013 Queerness and Games Conference was more inspiring than we organizers ever could have imagined! During our final session, where we discussed the future of queerness and games, many participants expressed interest in starting conferences like QGCon in their own communities and/or universities. After nine months of making QGCon a reality, we’ve gained a lot of nitty-gritty insight into the process of making a new conference, and we’d love to share what we’ve learned

Over on her blog, co-organizer Bonnie Ruberg wrote two helpful posts we’d recommend as starting points if you’re interested in building your own conference. The first lays out the full budget and expenses from QGCon 2013. The second lays out 10 most important steps for getting a new conference off the ground. Check them out!