Submit to the QGCon Arcade

The Queerness and Games Conference is seeking game submissions for the QGCon Arcade – a showcase of queer, subversive, and different games or games created by queer-identified authors.

Accepted games will be on display for the duration of the two day conference in Berkeley, from October 26th-27th, 2013.

Submissions should include a playable version of the game – either a standalone file for mac or PC, a testflight link for mobile submissions, or a URL for browser-based games. Creators should also feel free to submit physical games either as rulesets with pictures of the physical components required (if any). Should we select a game with physical components, QGCon will pay for the cost of shipping the components here and back. If you have a game that does not fit into any of these categories, please submit a description.

Please also include a Creator Bio, Headshot, Screenshots (or Images of/related to the game), and Artist’s Statement (if desired) to be displayed by the game.

Games can be submitted to

The Deadline for Submission is Saturday, October 5th.