Didn’t make it to QGCon 2013? Talks now available online

We’re proud to announce that the Queerness and Games Conference was a huge success. We received glowing praise and many hugs from a wide array of attendees — but much, much more importantly, we were honored to help create a space for open, innovative, and inspiring discussion. We learned so much, and we were thrilled to see people learning so much from each other. Let us say one more, resounding thank you to everyone who made the event both possible and wonderful.

If you weren’t able to make it to the conference, or you missed a session while you were attending another, good news! Our live stream footage, broken down talk by talk, is now available. If you’re wondering what the conference was all about, check out our opening and closing panels. If you’re interested in the intersection of queer theory and games theory, try our keynotes and featured speakers. Coming from the industry side? Look for our talks on changing development.

Enjoy the talks, and be sure to join us next year for QGCon 2014!