It’s been a week since the 2017 Queerness and Games Conference and we’re still absolutely beaming from how amazing it all was! 😍


We wanted to take a moment to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made the event possible:

  • The organizers – Christopher Goetz, Chelsea Howe, Chuck Roslof, Diana “Teddy” Pozo, Dietrich “Squinky” Squinkifer, Jasmine Aguilar, Terran Pierola, and Bonnie “Beaux” Ruberg – for making the entire event happen!
  • All our wonderful speakers!
  • All our amazing arcade presenters!
  • Our hardworking volunteers!
  • Our generous EventBrite sponsors!
  • Our academic and corporate sponsors!
  • Our collaborators!
  • The Interactive Media & Games Division, the Media Arts + Practice Division, the Cinema and Media Studies Division, the Harman Academy for Polymathic Study, and the Office of the Provost at the University of Southern California!
  • Sam Ahmed, Ashley Brown, Jerome Hagan, Adrienne Shaw, and Affnity Engine (affnityengine.org) for their contributions!
  • The Berkeley Center for New Media, Aleah Kiley, Alyssa Coffey, Vicki Callahan, OutFest, and the L.A. Zine Fest for their support!
  • The biggest thank YOU for attending QGCon 2017!


We already cannot wait for the next QGCon. Until then, please check out these two articles recapping the weekend’s festivities, one

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The 2017 Queerness and Games Conference is just around the corner!!!

We are so excited for you to join us April 1st and 2nd at the University of Southern California. All QGCon events are open to the public, however, we would greatly appreciate if you register, since that gives us a headcount for how many attendees to expect. Other than that, all you need to do is come on down!

Are you prepared for QGCon 2017?? We made this handy checklist so you can be sure:

  • Double check that you are registered for QGCon 2017
  • Read over the attendee info one more time for any last minute questions
  • Check out all of the super impressive speakers and talks
  • Prep for the amazing arcade lineup of over 20 games
  • One last glance at the schedule so you don’t miss anything

We look forward to seeing all your lovely faces this weekend 🙂


Welcome back to our ‘Meet the 2017 Organizers’ series, where we showcase one of our dedicated organizers working behind the scenes of QGCon to make it all happen!

QGCon is less than 2 weeks away!! Our last organizer in the series is a super special one 🙂  This week in the spotlight is Bonnie “Beaux” Ruberg, volunteering their time to ALL THE THINGS and making the conference happen!

Pronouns: They/them or she/her
What city do you live in?: Los Angeles, CA (well, Irvine, but let’s pretend…)
What are your favorite games?: Mario 64, Octodad, the Burnout series
If you could live in any game world, what would it be? Why?: Right now, I’m feeling Starwhal. I heart aquatic mammals, and I’m pretty sure that deep down I may already just be a 1980’s space whale.
What about QGcon are you most excited about?: I’m really excited about our new SoCal home! QGCon has always happened in Berkeley. I’m going to miss our Bay Area community, but I’m looking forward to meeting new folks and bringing more perspectives to

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The QGCon arcade is back for 2017 and this year’s line-up is looking awesome. This year we were super excited to have more submissions than ever before! You can check out the full list of games here on the arcade page. It features great new work by:

Keana Almario
Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda
Matthew R.F. Balousek
Tonia Beglari
Shepherd Cameron
Steve Cha
Luciana Chamorro
Alayna Cole
Allison Comrie
Andrew Culp
Astrid Dalmady
Sara Drake
Jazmin Garcia
Handsome Foxes in Vests
Hannah Hogwood
J. C. Holder
Kat Jones
Josef Nguyen
Josie Noronha
Portland Immersive Media Group
Queermo Games
The Really Serious Game Company
Seemingly Pointless
Dietrich “Squinky” Squinkifer
Jennifer Stienstra
Kara Stone
Zoyander Street
Yani Wang
Sean Wejebe
Peter Wonica
Emilia Yang


The arcade games will available to play throughout the QGCon weekend (4/1 and 4/2). A number of the arcade designers will also be talking about their design process in exciting post-mortem panels throughout the weekend. Check out the

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Welcome back to our ‘Meet the 2017 Organizers’ series, where we showcase one of our dedicated organizers working behind the scenes of QGCon to make it all happen!

QGCon is right around the corner! We only have 2 more organizers left in the series and this week in the spotlight is Christopher Goetz, volunteering his time and talents to our panels and much more!

Pronouns: He/his
What city do you live in?: Iowa City (Iowa) and Berkeley (California)
What identities do you hold?: gay
What are your favorite games?: Dark Souls 3, Minecraft, and Paper Mario
If you could live in any game world, what would it be? Why?: I would live in Paper Mario’s world, and to answer the ‘why,’ I use a quote from Roland Barthes (who imagined dwelling inside an old photograph): “It is as if I were certain of having been there or of going there.”
What about QGcon are you most excited about?: I’m really excited about the chance to see familiar faces (co-organizers, presenters, etc.) as well as new faces in our new conference location. Also,

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Welcome back to our ‘Meet the 2017 Organizers’ series, where we showcase one of our dedicated organizers working behind the scenes of QGCon to make it all happen!

This week in the spotlight is Chuck Roslof, lending his talents to many areas of QGCon, including organizing our homestays and funding!

Pronouns: They/he
What city do you live in?: San Francisco, CA
What identities do you hold?: Queer, bi/pan, something as-yet-uncertain that isn’t a man
What are your favorite games?: The Legend of Zelda series (can’t pick just one), Okami, Metroid Prime, Kirby’s Adventure, Threes, Paper Mario, Age of Mythology
If you could live in any game world, what would it be? Why?: Hmm… not sure. It’d be one that’s cute, colorful, queer, and doesn’t involve a lot of fighting/violence.
What about QGcon are you most excited about?: I’m super excited for all the discussions that will come out of the presentations and workshops we’ll have.


Reminder that registration for QGCon is now open! Register before February 3rd and get a cute button!
We’re also looking

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Volunteer for QGCon 2017!

The 2017 Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon) is now accepting applications for volunteers!

QGCon is made possible by its wonderful volunteers! Each year, volunteers generously donate their time to help with tasks ranging from registration, to room management, to arcade monitoring. There are a number of time slots and roles to choose from — and all of them help out a lot.

If you are interested in volunteering at QGCon 2017 (Saturday, April 1 & Sunday, April 2), please fill out the following form HERE by WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch soon after to coordinate.

Volunteers are also welcome to join us for the Speaker Reception on the evening of Friday, 3/31, which is a great chance to meet amazing designers, academics, and activists.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the 2017 Queerness and Games Conference!

Live in LA? Be a homestay host for a QGCon speaker!

Each year, QGCon runs a “homestay” program that pairs speakers with local community members for a place to crash free of charge. The goal of the program is to help defray the cost of traveling to the conference and make the event more financially accessible for all. Our wonderful homestay hosts make the program possible.


We are currently seeking volunteers to host speakers during QGCon 2017 (April 1 & 2).If you live in the Los Angeles area and have the space to host a visitor for a few nights, we would love to hear from you. To volunteer as a host, simply fill out this form:



After you submit the form, we will be in touch shortly to confirm your information and to match you with a speaker who has applied to the homestay program. In our experience, hosting a speaker is a great way to meet great people and make new friends.


If you are considering volunteering to be a host but have questions before you fill out the form, please feel free to email the QGCon organizers

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Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!

For our first blog post of the year, we’re excited to share John Epler’s abstract for his design keynote at QGCon 2017:

The Privilege of Default – Unconscious biases in AAA Games

For AAA games, a space that is still primarily populated by cis het white male devs, ‘default’ can be a dangerous assumption, and one that almost always takes away from diversity, as opposed to building on and embracing it. This unintended bias exists from the moment an idea is first conceived, all the way through to resource allocation and marketing decisions.

A ten year veteran of the AAA space, and the cinematic and narrative presentation lead on the Dragon Age team, John will talk about the lessons that the Dragon Age team has learned about the unconscious biases they all share, how they push back against those biases and how they have learned from the mistakes they’ve made. He will speak to the importance of diversity in the workplace and how, at the end of the day, even the most introspective and well-meaning people can still make mistakes.

Reminder that registration is officially open

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