Tickets & travel


Financial accessibility is one of the core tenants of the Queerness and Games Conference. The community that makes our event so vibrant and inspiring is made up of folks from a variety of socioeconomic situations. For this reason, you will always have the option of attending QGCon for free.

At the same time, we need support from those who can contribute to help make the event a reality. For that reason, in 2017, we’ll be offering tickets on a system tiered donations. You’ll be able to choose how much (if anything) you pay for your ticket. Thank you in advance for your support!


We recognize that the cost of traveling to QGCon can represent a major expense, especially for folks coming from outside California.

The conference will be hosted in Southern California for the first time in 2017, and we also know that this will make attending trickier for members of our Northern California community. We value that community immensely! Please stay tuned for info on ride sharing and other cost-saving opportunities for those traveling to QGCon 2017 from the Bay Area.

For the 2017 conference, we are also making it a top priority to offer more funding (and more reliable funding) to compensate our speakers for their travel. Our Call for Speakers, which will be available in early October 2016, will include information regarding travel grants.

We hope you can join us!