Suggested Topics and Formats

The Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon)

April 1 & 2, 2017, University of Southern California, Los Angeles


QGCon welcomes speakers from across the games industry, academia, and beyond. We encourage submissions on many topics and in many formats — some of which will be more familiar to game developers, others to scholars, others to artists, and still others to community organizers.


Below are some suggested topics and session formats for the 2015 conference. These suggestions are specifically oriented toward game makers, games educators, and other industry professionals — because we want to hear from more of you! This list is by no means comprehensive. We hope it will be a helpful springboard for you as you think about your proposals.


Please note that the deadline for the 2017 Call for Speakers is November 15, 2016.


Suggested topics for QGCon 2017:

Though the focus of the conference is LGBTQ issues, QGCon takes an intersectional approach to queerness. Sessions that address race, ethnicity, gender, disability, mental health, neurodiversity, socioeconomics, and sexual expression all represent important additions to our discussion.

  • LGBTQ themes in games; LGBTQ issues in game communities and game development
  • Bisexuality, asexuality, and/or non-binary gender identities in relation to games
  • Streaming, modding, speed runs, i.e. queering games through play
  •, Steam, and the role of online publishing platforms in diversifying games
  • Race and ethnicity in games and the games industry, especially as they intersect with queerness
  • Diversifying gender representation in game development and game communities
  • Neurodiversity, mental health, and disability as they relate to games
  • Representations of bodies in games and character design that resists stereotyping
  • LGBTQ and intersectional issues in games education


Suggested session formats for QGCon 2017:

QGCon welcomes proposals for talks, papers, pre-constituted panels, workshops, roundtables, post mortems, and performances are welcome. Please contact the organizers (contact@qgcon) to propose additional sessions types. Here are some ways you might structure your session:

  • Deconstruct a recent game or element of a game you have created, highlighting ways in which the content, mechanics, process, or aesthetics relate to issues of queerness.
  • Discuss a queer topic in games, surveying works that relate to the topic and exploring what potential areas of development this topic suggests for game-makers.
  • Critique a problematic element of games, game design, or the game industry; highlight creators, games, or studios that are making headway against these elements, and how they’re doing so.
  • Examine how commonly used game development tools and workflows make it more or less difficult to include some element of queerness in games, and suggest alternatives.
  • Share how your identities have shaped your experience working on games, playing games, or interacting with gaming communities


Thank you for your interest in the Queerness and Games Conference!


– The 2017 QGCon organizers: Bonnie Ruberg, Chelsea Howe, Teddy Diana Pozo, Jasmine Aguilar, Terran Pierola, Chuck Roslof, Christopher Goetz, Dietrich “Squinky” Squinkifer