Welcome back to our ‘Meet the 2017 Organizers’ series, where we showcase one of our dedicated organizers working behind the scenes of QGCon to make it all happen!

This week in the spotlight is Chelsea Howe, lending her talents to our 2017 QGCon Arcade and social media!

Pronouns: She/Her
What city do you live in?: Austin, TX
What identities do you hold?: Queer / Pansexual
What are your favorite games?: Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, Grow Home, Glitch, Mass Effect, Minecraft
If you could live in any game world, what would it be? Why?: Journey as a white-scarf? Something that is beautiful and rich and where I can fly. — Perhaps if I could be a hawk in the Shadow of the Colossus world!
What about QGcon are you most excited about?: My favorite part of QGCon is hearing about and playing through experiences that are unfamiliar and often unseen, that resonate with me in a way most of mainstream doesn’t. I also look forward to the discomfort that comes with having my views challenged as I continue to work on my own biases and (hopefully!) become more knowledgable, supportive, and inspired member of the community.


Reminder that the call for games is now up and live! You have until December 22nd to submit your game to the 2017 QGCon Arcade!