Welcome back to our ‘Meet the 2017 Organizers’ series, where we showcase one of our dedicated organizers working behind the scenes of QGCon to make it all happen!

With the elections now behind us, it has become even more crucial to uplift the voices of marginalized communities and the work they are doing.

This week is Dietrich Squinkifer, a very talented member of our Arcade team!



Pronouns: They/Them
What city do you live in?: Montreal
What identities do you hold?: Artist, cyborg, queer, asexual, agender, Asian-Canadian, intersectional feminist, international person of mystery, all-around eccentric
What are your favorite games?: LucasArts adventure games, interactive fiction, Twine stories about feelings
If you could live in any game world, what would it be? Why?: Rubacava in Grim Fandango, because I love art deco, neon signs, and jazz.
What about QGcon are you most excited about?: All of it, but if I had to pick just one thing, the Saturday night karaoke party.


Reminder that today is your last day to submit your proposal to QGCon 2017!