Welcome back to our ‘Meet the 2017 Organizers’ series, where we showcase one of our dedicated organizers working behind the scenes of QGCon to make it all happen!

This week in the spotlight is Chuck Roslof, lending his talents to many areas of QGCon, including organizing our homestays and funding!

Pronouns: They/he
What city do you live in?: San Francisco, CA
What identities do you hold?: Queer, bi/pan, something as-yet-uncertain that isn’t a man
What are your favorite games?: The Legend of Zelda series (can’t pick just one), Okami, Metroid Prime, Kirby’s Adventure, Threes, Paper Mario, Age of Mythology
If you could live in any game world, what would it be? Why?: Hmm… not sure. It’d be one that’s cute, colorful, queer, and doesn’t involve a lot of fighting/violence.
What about QGcon are you most excited about?: I’m super excited for all the discussions that will come out of the presentations and workshops we’ll have.


Reminder that registration for QGCon is now open! Register before February 3rd and get a cute button!
We’re also looking for homestay hosts and volunteers!