QGCon 2017 Arcade Travel Grant Application

Deadline: February 18, 2017


In order to help defray the cost of travel for QGCon developers, a limited number of travel grants are available. While we wish were able to fully fund all of our featured developers (we really do!), we run on a bootstrapped budget. For that reason, only developers traveling from outside Southern California are eligible for travel grants. We also kindly request that those who expect to receive sufficient travel funding from their universities, employers, or other organizations do not apply.

Please note that, in past years, the average amount for travel grants has been $200. We will consider each application on a case by case basis and do our best to divide funding according to need, but keep in mind that the amount of the grant may not cover all expenses. QGCon also offers a homestay program to help with the cost of accommodations. More information on the homestay program can be found here.

We recognize and respect that some developers may not be able to confirm that attendance until they know whether they have been selected for a travel grant. We will do our best to notify you about travel grants as soon as possible, hopefully by mid-January.

To apply for a travel grant, please send your responses to the following questions, along with your name and the title of your game, to contact@qgcon.com no later than February 18, 2017. In the subject line of your email, please include the words “Travel Grant Application.”

  1. Where will you be traveling from to attend QGCon?
  1. What are your current plans for travel and accommodations (i.e. driving, flying, booking a hotel, staying with friends)?
  1. Will you be receiving financial support for conference travel from your university, employer, or other organization? Will this support be sufficient to cover your travel expenses?
  1. What is the minimum amount of assistance from QGCon you anticipate you will need? If you do not receive this amount, will you still be able to attend?