Experimental Chiptune Performance by Tammy Duplantis


“I would like to perform a set of my music: one half chill keyboard music performed on vintage lo-fi Yamaha synthesizers, one half experimental chiptune with Super Game Boy visual accompaniment. For the most part, this will be a solo performance. I will also have on hand a number of Game Boys with easy-to-use instrument programs I’ve developed, and for part of my performance I would like to encourage audience members to play with me. It is my hope to bring conference-goers a sense of music-making as an expressive form of play that can be experienced by anyone.



Tammy Duplantis is a Louisiana-born composer of electronic music, homebrew Game Boy developer, and performer of assorted instruments both physical and digital. Her music and games have been featured at national conferences such as Different Games Conference, SEAMUS, and NYCEMF. She is currently inhabiting the San Francisco Bay Area.


Her games and music-making programs can be found at deltagardner.itch.io

Her musical recordings and sound art can be found at soundcloud.com/deltagardner