The Hidden Alphabet – Erasure, Phobia, and Invisibility In Video Games and Fandom


For ace, pan, and bi members of the queer community, acceptance and inclusion in games can feel a long way off. Maligned, erased, or simply not included, gamers who identify with these sexualities, regardless of gender, can often feel like outsiders in LGBTQIA+ spaces. Whether it’s vilification and erasure (pick a side!), invisibility (why is “plus” the only p in the acronym?) or a struggle for inclusion (ally, really?), the challenges are unique and sometimes painful. In this open round table, we’ll discuss representation as it seen in games, common stereotypes, and the phobia faced both externally and internally, along with our hopes for representation and change in the future.



Bianca Anderson is a writer, independent media critic, canceBianca Andersonr survivor, and unapologetic angry black woman. She spent six years in the AAA gaming industry in talent acquisition and user experience, before choosing to leave a pursue a new path. As a queer woman of color she is a vocal and passionate advocate for intersectional feminism and inclusive LGBTQIA+ discourse. She has spoken at Gaymer X, QGCon, and has been featured on several podcasts and industry publications. She believes in the power of red lipstick, strong words, and unbridled enthusiasm.

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