Black, Bi, and Visible – Coming Out as Other During the Rise of Trump


The day Mike Brown was brutally shot down on a street in Ferguson, Missouri, the world changed for me, and I began to change with it. For the first time I truly saw myself as “other” in my own country, and that recognition only grew as I watched hashtags flash across my screen like a swarm of short lived butterflies. Over the next two years my presence on social media would change from someone who occasionally spoke critically on sexism in games and comics to an active and aggressive commentator of politics, intersectional feminism, race, and sexuality. I came out as bisexual, black, and (fairly) radical in my beliefs, to the shock of many.

I lost friends, gained new ones, left AAA gaming, and discovered a new woman inside myself, all during the painful rise of Trump and his followers. I’ll discuss my journey to self discovery, the trials I faced personally and professionally, and how I learned to navigate the hostile waters of the social media landscape while being unapologetically “other.” I will also discuss my plans for moving forward under an administration that is antithetical to my very existence. This talk will be frank, unapologetic, and centered on my experience as a black, queer woman.



Bianca Anderson is a writer, independent media critic, Bianca Andersoncancer survivor, and unapologetic angry black woman. She spent six years in the AAA gaming industry in talent acquisition and user experience, before choosing to leave a pursue a new path. As a queer woman of color she is a vocal and passionate advocate for intersectional feminism and inclusive LGBTQIA+ discourse. She has spoken at Gaymer X, QGCon, and has been featured on several podcasts and industry publications. She believes in the power of red lipstick, strong words, and unbridled enthusiasm.

Twitter: @biancajand
Medium: @biancajand