2015 Arcade

We’re happy to announce the 2015 lineup for the QGCon Arcade. The QGCon Arcade celebrates queer works and the work of queer creators; we hope you’ll join us in playing differently.

All Tomorrow’s Partiesxgy1G3

Niamh Schönherr
Created specifically for anyone who may be questioning and struggling, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” is an autobiographical game about the early stages of investigating and questioning one’s own gender. Similar to the more recent #eggmode hashtag, the game revisits memories and tries to make sense of them through the interpretive lens of the present, while also challenging the power of memory by asserting the unconditional validity of the present.

Be WitchingoEYziS

anna anthropy
Be Witching is a game about witch fashion balls for 4-6 players! In Round 1, players design outfits they think will win other players’ awards. In Round 2, players judge and offer commentary on other witches’ outfits – channel your favorite (or most hated) reality TV judge! Finally, Round 3 is the interview segment – two finalists answer questions while the other players confer and crown the winner!

Beneath Floesbmportal

Qikiqtaaluk, 1962. The sun falls below the horizon and won’t return for months. You wander the broken shoreline, wary of your mother’s stories about the qalupalik. Fish woman, stealer of wayward children: she dwells beneath the ice.


Conversations We Have In My Headz43tat

Many of us have voices in our heads that constantly remind us of our perceived failures and inadequacies. Sometimes, those voices appear to us in the form of a once-important, now-estranged person from our past. This is a game about having one of those conversations with that voice in your head, and the many ways it can go.


Princess Boy and Little ElephantScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.24.09 PM

Raghav Bashyal
Princess Boy and Little Elephant is an interactive fairy-tale drama about a little elephant girl named Aaliyah. She lives in a small flat in the city with her mother but without her father because he is off at war. At the same time, it follows the story of Princess Boy, who is princess of the magical Kingdom of the Valley which, unfortunately, happens to be under attack.

Shoot To KillScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.27.07 PM

Veve Jaffa
Shoot to Kill is a ‘pixel noir’ adventure game exploring the relationship between film and video games with a 16-bit, 16mm take on early Hollywood hardboiled detective dramas.

Playing a dapper detective tasked with solving a series of murders on a major Hollywood production, you put your 16-bit sleuthing skills to work as you investigate crime scenes, profile suspects, and come to learn just how cutthroat Hollywood can be!


Robert Yang
Succulent is a short interactive music video game where you watch a hunk suck on a popsicle for a few minutes. It was designed and developed by Robert Yang in a week, with character art by Kris Hammes and music by Arca.


Til Cows Tear Us Apart+V4lOm

Pierre Corbinais
“You’re space cowgirl Enora Bey, and you and your alien lady love Quanee have a ship full of stolen cows. Cows are worth a fortune on Truxton, but it’ll be tough to make it. Listen to lonesome radio, pick up a little mind-altering substance on the way, deal with ex-girlfriends and telepathic border guards in this smooth, special story game.

As the story unfolds in Til Cows Tear Us Apart, you make decisions at key points that affect your success as a law-dodging pair of doomed speed racers zipping around the galaxy listening to beautiful music. Fall in love with your sidekick, risk your lives for one another, make out in the back of the ship. The cows don’t mind.” – Leigh Alexander

Viral Dusty Dead Identity QuizdustyDead1-thumb-480x360-18074

Silverstring Media
Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz is “panel one” of Book of the Dead, a three-part “digital triptych” examining how we consume media and how it consumes us; exploring our relationship with social media, entertainment, and the people who create that content; a queer tale of coming-of-age-on-the-internet.