Workshop on Civility

BrendaPubPicSmall06Speaker: Brenda Laurel
Note: This session is limited to 20 participants. Sign-up sheet available in lobby.

Many of us have been targets of behaviors that are uncivil at best and downright life-threatening at worst. In this workshop, we are going to be working and playing together to share and discover strategies and tools for managing such encounters. We might also find ways, as individual people as well as in community, to change how we interpret and respond to incivility online. Our goal is not to develop a code or a set of rules, but rather to examine our own experiences and mine them for good strategies that others might want to use. The workshop is broken into three sections:

− a brief discussion of how each of us sees “civility” as a quality of behavior and thought,
− working with drawings and stickies, we will model situations that we or others have experienced and play around with thoughts and words, and, if time permits,
− improvise some of the most generative scenarios we’ve created, or improvise entirely new ones.

This is a highly personal topic and one that is also extremely relevant to our community. We can begin the process of change through investigation and what-if-ing. The workshop will be both personal and playful.

Brenda Laurel, Ph.D. is an advocate for girl video game development, a “pioneer in developing virtual reality”, a public speaker, academic, consultant, and board member of several companies and organizations.