Witches and Wardrobes: Femme Play in Games and the Development of Be Witching

ANTROPHY QGCon 2015 headshotSPEAKER: Anna Anthropy

i’m going to talk about the inspirations for Be Witching – virtual paper doll systems like “french kiss” and the dollmaker websites that have succeeded them. dollmaker sites provide a digital space for feminine presentation and play that is often dismissed as unimportant, like basically anything feminine. as a protean trans girl, these paper doll games were one of my very first outlets for exploring gender presentation.

the original conception of Be Witching was a digital paper doll game. that was one of three different versions of the game i worked on before arriving at the game i released. in my session i’ll give the history and process behind each incarnation of the game to ultimately arrive at Be Witching 3.0, which i probably will have finished by QGcon (the current release is 2.0).

i will also facilitate games of Be Witching as part of the QGCon arcade. because it’s a tabletop game, not a digital game that can be left running unattended, i’ll be available during a designated time period to teach the game and, referee and provide materials. (it’ll be listed in the schedule.)

anna anthropy is a thirty-year-old teen witch. She is a designer of digital and tabletop games, a writer and a games historian.