Making Theater Relevant Again

HOLMES QGCon 2015 headshotSPEAKER: Bunny Holmes

This talk centers around the evolution of traditional performing arts into the realm of games and new media. Immersive theater, site-responsive theater, chose-your-own-adventure style storytelling, and puzzle rooms are all reflections of the current race to create the coveted “that which cannot be torrented”. In a post-internet era any art form with a “fourth wall” can be approximated through a screen, widely distributed and mass produced. Attendance at theaters is dropping dramatically and a younger generation of audiences are, by and large, simply not showing up. The productions which have been thriving most in the last decade are those which overtly acknowledge and emphasize those aspects which set them apart from your home viewing system, a task which will become exponentially more challenging as VR hits the mainstream market. Bunny Holmes has spent the last two years developing a game which is also a two hour play and a touring circus, with a team ranging from board game designers to aromatherapists, to try and solve the puzzle surrounding the survival and necessary evolution of experiencing the arts, away-from-keyboard.

Bunny Holmes is an interdisciplinary artist and writer turned circus performer based in Oakland California, with a lifelong love of curated & artificial environments, occult ritual, humanistic psychology, whimsy and absurdist humor. She founded the Vespertine Circus in 2009 and has been sort of making it up as she goes along, collecting unlikely stories and hard earned lessons about show-business in the process.