Games Research in the University: A Community Conversation Hosted by ModLab

The study of video games is proliferating within universities across the country, with all of the benefits and complications that come with recognition within institutional structures. Our panel consists of faculty and students from the UC Davis ModLab, a group of game studies researchers and gamemakers dedicated to studying the cultural and material impact of video games on society. Our work represents a variety of approaches: critical race studies, disability studies, queer theory, computer science, and more. This roundtable will primarily engage the audience rather than each other, with the goal of sharing resources, strategies, and advice around undergraduate game studies education, developing professional presence as a queer individual or game studies scholar, engaging in political critique within a conservative institutions, securing grant funding for games projects, designing games with political and critical goals, and building bridges between academia, industry, and the public.

STEPHANIE BOLUK is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English.

EVAN LAUTERIA is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology.

PATRICK LEMIEUX is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema and Digital Media.

COLIN MILBURN is the Gary Snyder Chair in Science and the Humanities with appointments in the Department of English, Science and Technology Studies, and Cinema and Digital Media. He is the Director of ModLab.

AMANDA PHILLIPS is the ModLab Postdoctoral Fellow.