Post-Mortems from the QGCon Arcade

SCHONHERR QGCon 2015 headshotJAFFA QGCon 2015 headshotCYRARRON QGCon 2015 headshotSpeakers: Claris Cyarron, Veve Jaffa, Niamh Schönherr

A panel featuring brief post-mortems from three designers of QGCon’s wonderful arcade games plus a Q&A with the designers.


Claris Cyarron is a storyteller, multi-disciplinary designer, queer artist and art historian. Cultivating layers of significance, she uses architectural, narratological, and formal art/design techniques to create resonant structures of meaning. She strives to keep her work craft-based, and context and history aware. Most importantly, as a transgressive architect, Claris conjures space to profane the false-dichotomy of “real” and “not-real.”

Veve Jaffa is a bioluminescent creator of filmic and digital worlds, queering canon one beloved cis-heteronormative narrative at a time. In addition to their work as an independent artist, Veve is co-founder of 1Up, a collective of trans and queer programmers offering free workshops to aspiring game developers across North America.

Niamh Schönherr is a writer, game maker, and critic from Chicago. She has written for ZEAL and was a Game Chef 2015 finalist. She also works two day jobs and spends a lot of her free time being the homemaker and caretaker for her wife and cat. The idea of being a stay-at-home parent one day is super important to her and she may or may not cry about it sometimes. Her first name is hella Irish and her last name is hella German, so here: Nee-uv Shoan-hair.