2013 Talks

What happened at QGCon 2013? Here are links to all of the streamed talks.

We apologize for the audio quality for talks that happened in the purple room. We’ll try to get a mic next year!


“What Is Queerness and Games?”
Mattie Brice, Chris Goetz, Chelsea Howe, Bonnie Ruberg

“We’re Here…”
Keynote: Colleen Macklin
Introduced by Mattie Brice

“The Art of Prototyping Yourself”
Samantha Kalman

“Race and the Fantasy Genre”
Hanna Brady

“Street Games Workshop” (not recorded)
Dax Tran-Caffee

“Thwarted Enjoyments: Queering Gamer Shame”
Featured Speaker: Samantha Allen

“Activism in Games Media”
Roundtable: Mattie Brice, Carolyn Petit, Danielle Riendeau

“If Queer Children Were a Video Game” (not available online)
Keynote: Kathryn Bond Stockton
Introduced by Ramsey McGlazer

“Queerness in the System”
Panel: Greg Bagnell, Evan Lauteria, Chris McRoberts

“Make a Game! Paper Prototyping Workshop”
Chelsea Howe

“Changing Companies”
Matt Boch

“Kink and Play” (not recorded)
Anna Anthropy


“The Making of Dominique Pamplemousse
Dierdra Kiai

“Circles Charmed and Magic: Queer Theory and Game Studies”
Featured Speaker: Adrienne Shaw

“Make a Game! Twine Workshop
Chelsea Howe

“Queer Play Beyond Games”
Panel: Aubrey Gabel, Jordan Youngblood, Brian Myers

“Join the Conversation! Microtalk Session”
Microtalks: Seeded by Amanda Phillips

“Why Is My Elf Gay?”
Bill Jahnel

“Here’s The Medium, but What’s The Message?”
Mohini Dutta

“The Arts of Failure”
Jesper Juul, Jack Halberstam

“Queer Gaming: Gaming, Hacking, and Going Gaga”
Keynote: Jack Halberstam
Introduced by Bonnie Ruberg

“The Abstract And The Feminine”
Liz Ryerson

“The Medium’s Flexible Potential: Practical Tactics from Animation for Designing Queer Video Game Characters”
Kirsten Yamaguchi

“An LGBT Maker Space for Adolescents”
Peter Wonica

“Beyond Representation: Queer Mechanics in Tabletop Games”
Joe Mcdaldno, Joli St. Patrick

“Complexities and Chaos in Community Histories”
Zoya Street

“Queering Game Development”
Robert Yang

“More than ‘Indie’: Organizing Different Games Conference” AND “Creating GamerX”
Toni Pizza, Toni Rocca

Closing: “The Future of Queerness and Games”
Mattie Brice, Chris Goetz, Chelsea Howe, Bonnie Ruberg